Wing Commander Ken Wallis – Wellingtons – Autogyros

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Ken WallisWing Commander Ken Wallis flew Wellington bombers over Germany and Italy during the war and lived a charmed life. On the ground for the first night of the London Blitz, he luckily survived jumping out of his bomber with an unfurled and snagged parachute. In addition, he managed to just land his bomber on a cliff after a wing was nearly severed by a British air defense balloon. After the war he developed the autogyro, flew one as a James Bond stunt double, and set world speed records in them. When we visited him at the age of 96, he was still flying his “harem” of autogyros around his estate and neighborhood.

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Date of Interview: May 12, 2012.

Interviewer: Heather Steele

Format: Standard Definition Video

Length: 53 minutes

Ken’s Obituary

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