“Former Enemies – Best Friends”

Help us bring two former enemies who fought in the Africa Campaign together this summer! Graham Stevenson, a member of the renowned British Sherwood Ranger Yeomanry Tank Regiment of the 7th Armored (Desert Rats), and Charley Koenig, of Panzer Regiment 5 – 21st Panzer Division (Africa Corps) fought one another at the Mareth Line in Tunisia in March 1943.

Charley at Becklingen

Charley reached out over 25 years ago to members of the renowned British Sherwood Rangers Tank Regiment, who became some of best friends of his life. Today, only one Sherwood Ranger veteran who fought in Africa is left – Graham Stevenson.

Graham at Cannock Chase

Our goal is to record their friendship, one of the last between former enemies in World War II, motivation and experiences as part of a learning module for students learning about World War II.


There is not much time left. This may be the last chance we ever have.

Please help us fund this project.

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